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A bum mess is when a person rather unfortunately soils their undergarments with feces. Leaving quite a rechid and horrid smell
It smells like you made a bum mess.
by Danny McD-Thomas December 11, 2004
A person who has just soiled their underwear. This term will usually replace their name for many years after.
Me: Soiler, do you remember when you crapped yourself?

Soiler: ................
by Danny McD-Thomas December 11, 2004
This is a modern day internet mockup overly used by teenagers, and some nerds. It implies a slight tongue in cheek remark relating to a persons own sexuality whilst at the same time mis-spelling the word ''the'' and changing it to ''teh''.

When first looked upon, it may look as though a person is stating abuot themselves that they are:

1. Gay
2. Sexy

When infact they are just showing their ability to laugh at themselves and act in a ''homo-erotic'' manner of somesort. It is widely used across message boards and whatnot.
Mullan: Im taller than you so I win.......
Dave: But I am teh ghey sexy
Mullan: {eyes_back_and_forwards_smilie}
by Danny McD-Thomas December 11, 2004
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