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3 definitions by Danny Dizeets

An Axistorian is a person who plays World War 2 Online, a MMOG, and who plays exculsively for the German forces. He re-writes history to fit his own warped arguements, lies about historical facts, and spreads his side's propaganda, often wishing the Axis forces won the real war.
Man, I cant believe Tarrif said that the 17lber was a 44' weapon, he's a true Axistorian.
by Danny Dizeets June 06, 2007
What Italian-Americans call seagulls.
Musclebrain pointed at the flock of seagulls and said 'look at all those ginney geese'.
by Danny Dizeets June 06, 2007
Synonym for a McDonald's Egg McMuffin.
I'm gonna bang that hooker then eat some Egg McCocky.
by Danny Dizeets June 06, 2007