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An elementary element that refers to that of "power" or "energy" in a naturally and spiritually obtained fashion..... and it also means that I am NOT gay.
"dude, you just blew my fucking hand off with that last blast! If you dont wanna get expelled, you best lay off the Spuce!"
by Danny Barq July 14, 2004
An old tired bitch of a man who really needs to go to bed because it is far too deep into the AM... GOODNIGHT!
"dude, it's 6 in the morning... i've turned into a fucking goonti over here, I'M GOING TO FUCKING BED AND SO SHOULD YOU!"
by Danny Barq July 14, 2004
Extreme; more than necessary,. Overkill.
"God, you seriously wanna go out with that guy? he looks like an ubicentual tool."

"The midget-to-human ratio for this party is a bit ubicentual, Jim."
#extreme #overkill #unnecessary #largely #rediculously
by Danny Barq January 16, 2006
The sport of punting pussies; A puinter's profession.
Come, john... your girlfriend is a ho, but there is nothing i can do about that... join me at the glut for some good ol' fashioned puinting.
by Danny Barq April 15, 2005
One who Puints; to punt a Pussy, "Pussy Punter"
Saturday nights only! come join in the fun of Puinting! Punt the most amount of pussies, and win a free plate of happy nuggets!
by Danny Barq April 15, 2005
A special, home-grown recipe, designed to fulfill and nurish that of every single person's happiness; nuggets home-sliced, and cooked to perfection from the groin of a 15 year-old male, kept in captivity since age 6. The male is refrained from any sort of "excess" or anxiety relieving, to ensure maximum quality of the delicacy's inner filling, A time-honored ingredient that has won america's hearts for over a decade.
Mmmmm, great happy nuggets, mom! could i have another? don't say No! how could you, after all, they are the healthiest and most savory treat in all the land! :-)
by Danny Barq April 15, 2005
Reno... as in Jean Reno; the guy who's voice can NOT be heard in Onimusha 3
Hi, i'm Ako! Let's g- *SLICE!!* AAAAAAAHH!!! MY JUGULAR!!!
by Danny Barq August 22, 2004
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