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7 definitions by Danin

80s rock star notable for his song "Superfreak." Recently came into popularity due to an extremely popular and referencable episode of Chappelle's Show, in which he is portrayed by Dave Chappelle and repeatedly makes such statements as "I'm Rick James, bitch!"
"Charlie, there's a new joke goin' 'round, have you heard it? What'd the five fingers say to the face?"
"SLAP! That was cold blooded, haha! Bang bang! I'm Rick James, bitch!"
by Danin March 03, 2004
Also MGS.

The latter half of the Metal Gear video game series published by Konami and produced by rockstar director Hideo Kojima. Includes Metal Gear Solid (PSOne, later remade and published on the Gamecube as Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes), Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (PS2, later rereleased with extra non-story missions on the PS2 and Xbox as Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance), and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (PS2).

The first MGS innovated a style of gameplay that would eventually lead to the explosion of the stealth genre (which would include well-noted titles such as Splinter Cell), which focused on avoiding enemies through stealth rather than engaging them in combat. MGS2 further developed the gameplay of its predecessor by adding new ways of navigating environments, as well as the ability to aim weapons in a first-person view.

All titles in the series are extremely story-heavy, and are notable for their graphic quality which is often years ahead of most other games, well-directed cutscenes, exceptional voice acting, and controversial postmodern concepts.

The series is generally regarded as one of the best ever produced in video gaming, and competes with efforts such as Ico as the most artistically relevent title to come out of the fledgeling genre.
Solid Snake > j00.
by Danin April 09, 2004
15-minute animated television show produced by Williams Street and aired on Cartoon Network during their late-night Adult Swim block. Generally regarded as the most expert, brilliant exercise in absurdism to grace the network since Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, and a damn completely hilarious show.
"You have deeply offended us and our god, and our god is a god of vengeance and horror!"
"Our god is an Indian who turns into a wolf!"
"... No, that's Wolfen, man."
"Oh... well, the Wolfen will come after you with his razor!"
- Ignignockt and Err, ATHF episode 8: "Revenge of the Mooninites"
by Danin April 22, 2004
Japanese video game designer currently employed by Konami Computer Entertainment Japan. Most widely recognized as the designer of the Metal Gear video game series. Generally regarded as the reigning master of postmodern game design, and perhaps second only to Shigeru Miyamoto in terms of current influence on the gaming industry.
Hideo Kojima's efforts in game design will shape the industry for years to come.
by Danin April 22, 2004
1) (n) (MMORPG) A player who loots and/or attempts to loot items (usually of significant rarity and value) without the permission of the group, especially one who loots items designed for other classes or one who loots all items of value immediately prior to leaving the group/raid/guild.

2) (n) (World of Warcraft) See Hunter
Felstriker? Obviously a Hunter weapon.
by Danin June 26, 2005
The city of the future! (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode 3)
They use starfish for money!
by Danin April 22, 2004
Rockstar video-gaming journalist in the service of insertcredit.com. Most notable for his essays on the state of modern gaming journalism, and in defense of the artisistic merits of Metal Gear Solid 2.
"Dreams mix the real, and the unreal. Dreams mix whatever is in our minds. We can drift off to sleep in a recliner while half-reading the Lord of the Rings and half-listening to the NBC nightly news. Tom Brokaw can be talking about a hostage situation in Israel one second, and a breakthrough in health care the next. We can fall asleep, and hear his voice say: 'Ninjas officially kidnapped the president at six o’clock this morning.' That happened to me, once."
- Excerpt from "dreaming in an empty room (a defense of Metal Gear Solid 2)" by Tim Rogers
by Danin April 21, 2004