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Instead of using Ok or simply K (making you sound like a stuck up fuck), the word H'ok shows that you are an intelligent, confident, Charlie Sheen like, ecstatic, boneriffic, enlivening, sophisticated, miraculous, intriguing, universal, nifty, zany, pretty, mellow, chill, Kid Cudi-ish, Fuckable, vigorous, heroic, gorgeous, kingly, refreshing, glorious, heavenly, inquisitive, invigorating, rapturous, victorious, zestful, awesome, someone of a person.
Girl: Hey, wanna go my Nana's funeral
Boy: H'ok
Girl: (in her head) *Omg i wanna bang him so bad*
Boy: Tits
by Danimal2012 July 11, 2011

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