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Saying you are 25 when clearly you are in your 40's.
MISSASHLEY26 was phopping online the other day on Plenty of Fish when, through her brand of half english/half batshit diatribe she revealed herself to be a 25 year old "very nice person" looking for "nice real guy detain ,someone can make me happy and love being arounds me ,romantic man that can make me lough,conversation try to know each other more" when she is clearly in her 40s.
by Danimal150 August 21, 2011
A term coined on the Fox Televison animated program entitled "Family Guy" during a Stewie Griffin flashback wherein Stewie is riding in the bitch seat adorned in long blonde hair with arms clutching the stereotypical Hell's Angel biker dudenreicher while riding down the wind whipped Florida coastline.
Blake: "Hey Causey, that joke on Family Guy would have been funnier to me if I knew what a Florida Whore was. Check Urban Dictionary ya dick inhaler.

Jon Causey: "Settle down queefsryche, Ima goin', Ima goin'"

*looks it up*

Jon Causey: "Nothing to be found, Master Blaker"

Blake: "Ravenscrap! We may just have to make one up ourselves..."
by Danimal150 April 21, 2011

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