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People always says "there are plenty of fish in the sea". Fishing is a long, complicated and sometimes draining process however when you finally find your fish it's all worth it. When you find your fishy you will feel it in your heart. This is the person who you want to wake up next to every morning. This is the person in which when you cuddle, your bodies fit together like puzzle pieces. This is the person who makes you laugh until you cry and makes you smile until your cheeks feel like they are going to fall off. This is the person who you physically, and emotionally cannot live without. This person is your other half, your everything. This is the person who you love so much that it hurts. I love my fishy.
"I love Ari so much, he is my fishy"
by DaniK April 17, 2013
A state in which you may ask any question under the sun, which will more often then not have a sarcastic reply which you in turn will believe.

Boy- Do people get zapped by lightning in Kentucky a lot?

Boy2- Yes 3 to 4 times a day.

Boy- ohhh ok, thanks.

Boy2- OMG your sooo Gorashtic.
by Danik April 28, 2008
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