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1. an action created by flaring your nostrels.
2. An ugly or weird looking person.
For deffinition 1: Emma pull a schennel face!

For deffinition 2:OMG look at that girl, she is such a Schennel!
by DanielleS June 08, 2005
A Pop BoyBand consisting of four extremly unatractive Little boys, who promote charitys like live8 'Make poverty history' but exploit the people and use them in their POP music videos, also known as lyers this type of band tells you all the money from their single 'Room on the 3rd Floor'goes to charity but in McFly means..'Tom needs a new car' or 'Harry wants new drums'
Also see Teletubbies or Busted clones
'Come on Mollie Mcfly are on Cbbies again'

Customer: id like the album of the band that are like busted.
Shop Clerk: McFly, isle 3.
by DanielleS June 08, 2005
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