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A cheap, low quality wine often sold in 5L casks called 'goonies'. A goonie can be purchased for well under the price of a regular bottle of wine as it tastes like cat's piss, but still contains around 11%ALC/VOL. Goon is a popular drink amongst teens and the homeless within Australia, as it provides lots of booze for lots of people at a fraction of the cost of anything else on the market worth drinking.

Goonie - $15
That's 3 people drunk for $5 each!

Goon is the main ingredient in goon punch, the main tool in 'Goon-o-fortune' and 'Goon Warrior', as well as a popular accompaniment to the card game 'Kings' (waterfall).
Guy 1: Ooohhh sooo sick... Never drinking goon again...

*One week later*

Guy 2: Dude, wanna go grab a goonie for tonight?
Guy 1: Sure!
by Danielkjoyce July 09, 2010
aka Jesus' urine.
The main ingredient in bad ass teenagers' vomit, goon punch is a sweet, cheap-wine based drink made in 5L batches to provide hours of nudity and pseudo-sentimental bullshit conversations at every under 16's birthday party since the late 80's. Best served cold, best drunk quickly.


Optional extras:
Other people's stolen Bacardi / vodka / gin.
Guy 1: Man, can go out drinking tonight as I don't have any money for drinks.
Guy 2: Forget about it! Sally made a goon punch...
Guy 1: Well, fuck yeah!
Guy 3: Quick, steal your mum's gin!
by Danielkjoyce July 09, 2010

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