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The Vagina of a girl who has been around a bit to much and tends to be easy (ex1). Combining the word tart and hole. Typically used as an insult, or to tell someone to shut up (ex2)
John: Man you see that girl there? I would hit that.
Bill: I dunno man, I heard she is a real tart hole.
John: Really? Score, an easy lay!

Marry: Omg hey guys!
Tim: Shut your tart hole.
by Daniel the Jewish Wordsmith July 10, 2008
When you have gotten to third base with someone, and instead of loosing your V card to only them, you have a Threesome instead.
Hank: Yo man you will never guess what happened last night with Janet.
Jimmy: Did you finally get to home plate?
Hank: Even better, her sister was there and wanted in, so I got a grand slam!
Hank: word
by Daniel the Jewish Wordsmith July 10, 2008

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