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Body language, habits, or actions a person acts out that indicate that he or she is experiencing sexual frustration. This frustration is most likely caused by a lack of recent sexual intercourse, and may be magnified if the sufferer has a new object of affection. Specific signals include peeling labels off of beer bottles and chewing ice cubes.
The ladies can see Larry a mile away - he's peeled all the labels off his beer bottles.
by Daniel Premo December 11, 2003
When planning a particular task, one might ask oneself, "Quality or quantity?" Focusing on either may consume the same amount of time and resources, but the result will often be significantly different.
When I make chocolate chip cookies, I always consider quality vs. quantity. If I'm baking for a larger group, I'll make more cookies, but they'll be smaller.
by Daniel Premo December 11, 2003

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