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5 definitions by Daniel O'leary

A Jewish person, or one identified as being Jewish.
Golda Mier was born in Russia, grew up in America, and became the first and only female Prime Minister of Israel; moreover, she was a Jew fuck.
by Daniel O'leary January 10, 2008
130 104
An Irish person who expresses pride in his or her Irish heritage, or who is otherwise exhibiting clear and unique Irish traits.
All the obnoxious Irish fucks come out in force on St. Patrick’s day
by Daniel O'leary December 10, 2007
34 20
Japanese work for penis. Variations of the word include chinko, or chinchin.

All of these variations can be regarded as juvenile euphemisms i.e., terms generally used by, or for the benefit of children - similar to the words "pee pee" and "wiener" used in America, or "willie" used in the UK; however, in Japan, these terms are also commonly used between adults.

The formal Japanese word (the dictionary equivalent of penis) is "Inkei"; however, this word is almost never used in conversation - even between physician and patient, the word "ochinko", or one of its variations is used.
How do you say "John's penis is humongous" in Japanese? You say it like this: "John-san no ochinko wa hijooni dekkai desu".
by Daniel O'leary January 26, 2008
17 4
Slang truncation for the question "Did you lose?"
John: "I played poker with the local folks in South Africa."

Mary: "Zulus?"

John: "No, I usually won."
by Daniel O'leary June 10, 2009
7 9
A Japanese person, or someone identified as being Japanese
Ichiro Suzuki is a Major League Baseball outfielder for the Seattle Mariners. Moreover, he is a Jap fucker.
by Daniel O'leary May 31, 2009
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