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Indie, short for independant, applies to independant media, usually film or documentary and is also, more commonly, applied to a sub-culture (not a label) which involves generally music, behaviour (and in a few cases, style of dress). These people are also referd to as Indie Kids or Indie Rockers, of which most dislike these terms as it labels them in a certian group, which the the opposite object of independant! Most dislike the mainstream and the 'in-trend' and wear, listen to and do what they feel like without following fasions and rules (and im not talking about the law, Indies are just as likely to break the law as anyone else) and will always be themselvs and not put on an act for popularities sake. Obviously Indie is also a type of music which is generally soft-style rock without screaming or moshing sometime mixed with synthisised music and electronic, and is also generally on a independant record label and not well known. Altough indie is not a label it does have all sorts of connections to other groups and indie is commonly assocatied as a type of rocker, Indies, along with most other rockers, are at a long lasting 'social war' with chavs and scallies and contrary to popular belief are not in a long lasting rivalary towards Emo or sometimes Metalheads. There are also Indie wanabees and posers which are not themselvs and just act it!
Just remember people... Indie is not a label, group or class!
Emo - Ohh I really like that shirt but im Emo and people will get the wrong idea and not think im emo! *Cries*
Indie - Ohh I really like that shirt, whay only £4! Im gettin it!
Poser - But its not indie or anythin, infact its quite sporty!
Indie - Ohh shurrup! I like it, im gettin it!
by Daniel Mercer August 18, 2005
Before i get started, Rocker is not a label, its a just... a way of life!
The term Rocker applies to any person who genuinely likes listening to any type of rock music over other types of music, but not ruling out other music styles. There are many types of of Rockers such as Goths, Emos, Indies, Moshers, Punks, Metalheads and Hippies to name a few, it is not uncommon for the different types to argue amongst each other yet there can be also great friendships between different types. A person who has no affiliation must not be confused and take in that a certian group of rockers are infact posers or wanabees for this is an insult or term to call one fake or shallow and not being themselvs. Most Rockers are generally at odds with groups such as Chavs, Jocks and scallies because those groups are generally dickheads, wankers and/or scumbags!!!
Here are a few sterotypical pastimes of each type of Rocker (which are not true) -

Goths - Eating disorder, self harming, making sacrifices to Satan, Attention seeking

Emos - Faking depression, crying over nothing, trying to fit on those tight black jeans without ripping a hole in the croch area... and failing!

Indies - Critising other peoples tastes in anyting, worring about labels, being a snob

Metalheads - Playing Ozzy Osbourne and Children of Bodom at full volume out of a 140wt guitar amp at 1am, being the most egoistacal bastards ever, have atleast 8 plectrums with them at all times
by Daniel Mercer August 17, 2005
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