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4 definitions by Daniel McCloud

An public university located in Gainesville, Florida touted as one of the best universities of the south. However, the arrogant students of this university exagerate this status as the ivy league school of the south. Unfortunately, these students are delusional because their school will never be of the same academic caliber as Duke,Vanderbilt,
Emory, Georgia Tech,Tulane,Wake Forest,College of William and Mary, Johns Hopkins,University of Virginia UNC-Chapel Hill, etc.
UF: I'm proud that I go to UF; it's the ivy league school of the south.
Random Kid: I think you need a breath of fresh air; so please take your head out your ass.
by Daniel McCloud May 19, 2005
655 526
A commonplace quote from character Duncan McCloud in the TV series The Highlander which preceded the decapitation of his adversary by use of a sword.
McCloud: "there can only be one"
Nemesis: "No"

McCloud proceeds with a seemingly perfunctory decapitation
by Daniel McCloud January 30, 2007
18 5
a calm kid who quickly becomes irate and violent when provoked by insults and/or challenges to a fight.
my brother Patrick who resides in Jacksonville, Florida.
by Daniel McCloud March 21, 2005
23 13
one who over reacts to a joke,quip, or any innocuous trifle by holding a grudge with the perpetrator for a long time.
That sloof doesn't talk to me anymore because I laughed when she chortled; the was six months ago.
by Daniel McCloud March 21, 2005
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