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Calculus is a branch of mathematics, developed independently by Newton and Leibniz and formalized in the 19th century by various mathematicians, that revolutionized human understanding of the world. Mathematically, it allows us to talk about instantaneous rates of change and areas under arbitrary curves. Doesn't sound important? When does anyone use this? Differential equations, which express the relation between two quantities in terms of how they change with respect to one another, allow us to model situations in which we cannot explicitly find the relationship between quantities. This concept can be applied to model situations in physics, engineering, chemistry (how does this reaction progress?), physiology (how does a muscle contract?)...just about any science, as well as economics, sociology (how do new ideas spread?), and more. If you want to understand the world today, you need to understand calculus. Statistics too...but that's another story.

Calculus is not some super-hard subject that only the most brilliant can handle. If you have a good teacher who explains things precisely, you can learn calculus. (Finding such a teacher, unfortunately, can be the hard part.)
Guy 1: I have to go to calculus class now.
Guy 2: Calculus? That sucks.
Guy 1: No it doesn't. I'm finally learning math that I can apply -- you can't be an engineer without it!
by Daniel M May 03, 2006
A guy who used steroids to hit lots of home runs. This pissed off Babe Ruth, so he cursed him with injuries. But he can only do one curse at a time, and this allowed the Boston Red Sox to win the 2004 World Series. I contend he will be injured again and will not play another game.
Rafael Palmeiro is such a Barry Bonds.
by Daniel M October 16, 2005
A steep hill approximately halfway through the high school cross-country course at Holmdel Park in Holmdel, NJ.
The Bowl is so damn hard, but at least it's all downhill from there.
by Daniel M August 31, 2005
One of the best American distance runners. In 1973, set the American high school 2-mile record, 8:40.9, on a 90-degree day -- the track was even sticking to his shoes. This broke Steve Prefontaine's high school record, and is still the fastest time in an all-high school race. Later, he won two world cross-country championships (1980 and 1981), finished 2nd at Boston in his only marathon, and would probably have won a medal at the Moscow Olympics if not for Jimmy Carter's boycott. He also set an American record at 10,000m.

Unfortunately, Virgin is often overlooked in the history of American distance running, possibly because he excelled at distances between the "glory events" of the mile and the marathon, and most of all at the even less-noticed cross country. The example quote puts it quite well.
When Steve Prefontaine met Craig Virgin, he said, "So you're the little shit that broke my record." Virgin replied, "And if I'd had the weather you had, I would have run 8:34."

"Virgin getting no love. (ba-zing!)" -Biscuit_AQ, DyeStat user
by Daniel M March 24, 2006

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