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n. an anal purge of semen
after the couple finished making backdoor love, the woman was careful to clench her anus so as not to get bung flung on their sheets.
by Daniel Infrangible April 02, 2011
n. a vaginal purge of semen
the girl went to pee, and was surprised by an unexpected loaded queef
by Daniel Infrangible April 02, 2011
n. 1 Post-Coital Expulsion from an orifice esp. vaginal.
v. 1 ('ing) an act of one's kegels to expel a foreign substance.
1 "the poor boy got butterguck all over his stomach and in his bellybutton when his girlfriend lifted off him after he came"
2 "after the premature climax of her partner, the actress went off set to butterguck before the second take."
by Daniel Infrangible April 02, 2011

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