12 definitions by Daniel shaw

It's another word for a stoner.
Hey your dad is a t-poti.
#stoner #weed head #pot head #weed slave #drug lover
by Daniel shaw May 19, 2008
when a kid says swiss cake out loud and another kid runs up and pulls his pants around his feet a lifts the top of his dick and sucks his balls
kevin was so horny he yelled swiss cake in front of nick bennet and nick ran full blast to get him some
#cream cake #cakey #cum cake #red head pussy cake #opapdaples.
by Daniel shaw May 19, 2008
a long haired ugly fuck that dont take showers.
hey you guys no that daniel kid I swear thats one ugly ass greaser dog.
#greasy stoner #greasy hair #greasy fuck #greasy kleeschultee #greasy worf
by Daniel shaw May 19, 2008
when someone yells out strawberry cheese cake and someone runs up pulls there pants down and fucks the other person in the ass, while cuming the asshole bleeds and it makes strawberry cheesecake.
I heard strawberry cheese cake in the other room and I seen kevin run as fast as he could with his pants down to his ankle.
#swiss cake #cheese cake #sticky icky #desert booty sex #strawberry ice cream
by Daniel shaw May 19, 2008
when someone hooks you up with a chicken strip dinner.
hey bucky whore we need a major hook up tonight with seasoned fries, chicken strips, and mozzarella sticks, with some hot sauce on the side.
#ultmate hook up #chicken strips #feast #hooky #denneys hook up
by Daniel shaw May 20, 2008
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