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3 definitions by Danial Willow

Acronym for, "besides the obvious".
Survey Question: "What are 5 things that you can't live without?"

Example response: "Well, BTO, Nascar, welfare, freeganism, queefing, and Mozart.
by Danial Willow July 31, 2011
A less offensive synonym of bullshit.

It appeared in the britcom Black Books, series 1, episode 5 'The Big Lockout'.
Manny: Alright, what was the last film you went to see?

Bernard, unable to recall the name, describes the film's climax. Manny recognizes it.

Manny (incredulous): Ba! That was the last film you went to see - Planet of the Apes!?
Bernard: Yeah. Amazing effects, you know? You really believed monkeys could have meetings.
Manny: Yeah. And you've not been to the cinema since then?
Bernard: Na. It's all tossycock.
by Danial Willow October 23, 2010
The sexual or physical attractiveness of a male.
Everyman: I am going to start pumping iron to amp up my hunkaliciousness. I want Badonkahonk to love me, but being a nice guy doesn't cut the mustard.

Six months later...

Chick: Hey, who's that? *squints* Oh my god. It's Everyman. He is one Spunky Yum-Yum. I want his arms around me.

Badonkahonk: Wow he's turned into a studmuffin. I never noticed before. And he's so sweet and funny. Think he'll mind if I make him my sex slave?
by Danial Willow October 22, 2010