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2 definitions by Dangles

When one is driving at night, turns off their lights and says "Batman".This dangerous technique is used to evade enemies in pursuit. If possible, pull into a dark side alley to let them pass. This tactic is useful for evading police as well.
"Dude, they're tailing us. What we going to do?"

-turns off headlights-

"No worries man. I'm batmaning!"
by dangles November 01, 2012
A close relative of the star spangled banner, the Jolly Roger salute, executed mostly while inebriated, occurs when a guy is giving it to a girl doggy style. On his signal, a friend sneaks out of the closet and ties a Jolly Roger flag around his neck. The guy in the sex act begins singing "Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me." This is a great move.
"Yo dude, Max Jolly Roger Saluted his bitch with the help of Sam the other night."
by Dangles December 06, 2004