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Dubbed after the popular Japanese Dessert, Puddi is an extremely dangerous drug which has recently skyrocketed in popularity amongst teenagers and middle school aged children. It is created by combining a variety of household chemicals, such as Drain-O and Anti-Freeze, with pudding mix. The drug is then either smoked, ingested, or, in some cases, inhaled. Once the Puddi enters the body, it creates a euphoria not too much unlike the feeling caused by similar drugs such ascrack cocaine]. Since it is cheap and easy to make, it can cause a great deal of havoc in low income communities.

Puddi gained it's name from a popular Japanese jellow pudding, it gained the name because of it's liken-hood to the pudding substance during creation. While the overall ingredients vary, basic ingredients for the drug include: Drain Cleaner, Nail polish remover, base Chlorine, Anti-Freeze, and the acid removed from a crushed AA battery. Other ingredients have been said to intensify the doses, but only the inclusion Ammonia has shown any increase in effect from recent studies on the new drug.
That kid took a hit of puddi and now he's dead!
by Dangerouses December 07, 2010

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