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1. a girl who's ass ceases to amaze, a truly epic ass.
2. someone who guides you to get a lot of ass with tried and true techniques.

3. buttfucking a girl at exactly 2am on Christmas day.
1. alison? she's truly the ghost of christmas ass.
2. that kid really helped me hit that like a pro. he's like the ghost of christmas ass or something, with the shit he knew.
3. dude, i hit that at 2 am last christmas, it was the ghost of christmas ass!
by Dane and Lylan October 29, 2011
the act of stopping douchebag jocks from messing up a nerdy friend's move on a girl.
*after nerdy friend approaches girl and douchebag jocks are coming*
You: "Hey assholes! I'm a midget on a tricycle!"

Douchebag jocks: "Oh man let's go!"
Other friend: "You sure jockblocked Jimmy real good bro."
by Dane and Lylan October 29, 2011
indirectly (through the use of clever words or space/time paradoxes) stopping a friend from getting laid or finishing the sex, if he does get laid.
You: Dude, you should jerk it before she comes over tonight, just in case you get laid. She'll think you last longer!

*friend, later that night after jacking off: sex lasts so long parents interrupt, meaning he couldn't finish*
Friend: Damn, he totally spockblocked me!
by Dane and Lylan October 29, 2011
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