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1) when it appears that you have a lot more money than you actually have.

2) to go out and have a good time, but with limited funds
Doug: Yo kid, we hittin the bars tonight. You down?
Jamal: Yeah, I'll come, but I can't be goin nowhere 'spensive.... I'm ballin on a budget right now.
by Dancendiary March 03, 2008
When a friend/person you are seeing stops hanging out for no apparent reason and is unable to be reached by any conventional means.
Bob: Yo have you seen John lately? He never hangs out anymore.

Andrew: I havent either. Guess he moved to Narnia.
by Dancendiary July 01, 2009
when something is overly extravagant or expensive, simply for the cause of being overly extravagant or expensive. Derived from the items found in the Sky Mall catalogue found on most commercial airlines.
Carl: You see Steves new car? He put rims, ground effects, a body kit AND hater vision on it!

Mike: Yeah man... that shits Sky Mall.
by Dancendiary January 04, 2010
When a person you are dating/hanging out with suddenly disappears with no warning and/or without a trace. Derived from the way Punky Brewster's mother abandoned her on the TV show by saying she was "Going to the store for a minute" and never came back.
Mike: So hows things going with that girl?

Dave: Well, things were going real good... then one day she just Punky Brewstered on me and i havent seen her since.
by Dancendiary July 01, 2009

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