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2 definitions by Danarae

It is basically meant to be a picture of a bum or booty or ass and is commonly used in text messages.

Variations are:
(#|_) A spanked bum
(*|_) A kissed bum
(_Y_) A bum with a big upper crack
(_x_) A tight ass
(_______|_______) BIG BUTT

and many more.
Stop being such an (_|_)

kiss my (_|_)

(#|_) !!! (#|_) !!! you naughty boy
by danarae May 25, 2005
A common pet name or nick name for boys named Patrick. Usually it starts out as Pat, then evolves into Patty, and then finally ends up being Patty Cakes. Usually only sisters, mothers or girlfriends would ever dare to use such a nicname for the Patrick in their lives.
Patty Cakes, you are amazing. (girlfriend)

Yesterydat, me and Patty Cakes went out to the mall, then for supper! (girlfriend)

Patty Cakes, can you help me do my homework? (sister)

Look at my Patty Cake, isn't he a handsome little boy? (mother)
by Danarae January 05, 2006