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AKA White castle, heaven on earth. Home to stoners, drunks, and hungry people. They sell burgers by the 30 piece!
Some Guy: Yo dawg, I'm crunked! Lets go to the castle!

Other dude: YEAH!
by DanS54321 May 21, 2005
1. Brosius- your brother. It can literally mean your biological brother or just your friend.
"Yo Brosius, lets go to that party."
by DanS54321 May 21, 2005
The act of driving extremely fast, on a not so fast street. Usually around 25 mph streets, you will go 80-100 mph. Bombing requires excellent knowledge of the street, knowing that no cops will be around, and knowing that no other cars or pedestrians will be there.

PS Very fun to do while crunked.
Yo my dad left the beamer at home for the weekend, get the radar detector and let's go bombing.
by DanS54321 July 15, 2005
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