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5 definitions by Dan Turpin

Blim is a word originated from the burns caused by the excess of hot ash falling from a hash splif.
"AAAH SHIT! my new trackies is blimmed to fock now!"
by Dan Turpin March 17, 2005
When someone rolls a joint they "skin up".
"yo dan can u skin up for me"
"ye safe.. got any skins samo?"
"nah seans got some red king skins tho"
by Dan Turpin July 21, 2003
Snug is a word that is used to greet a friend, i.e a replacement for the word safe. This word was first seen in the short film named "AAAH!"
"Safe sarah" "Snug" "AAAAAH!"
by Dan Turpin March 17, 2005
When a joint or rolly has been rolled, and is tight it is refered to as being tight as a tiger.
"yo turpin man this bifta is tight as a tiger"
"cheers bud... ur rolling needs to be improved tho sean, loose as a lion ennit"
by Dan Turpin July 21, 2003
A nintendo fanboys worst nightmare
dude check it i got a ds *smash* PSP BITCH!
by Dan turpin May 03, 2005