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Someone who is good looking, but only compared to other people in your office.
I thought that our secretary Jannet was hot, but after seeing her at that bar last night, it's obvious that she's just office pretty.
by Dan Sharfin November 22, 2005
Jew By Association; Jewish By Association
"Dude, that guy's not even a suspect in the defemation of that Moses statue, he's a JBA."
by Dan Sharfin November 21, 2005
The cycle that involves taking Nyquil at night to go to sleep with a cold and then taking DayQuil when you wake up in the morning to continue the cold-fighting and then NyQuil again at night.
I think the CyQuil is working. I may be getting the better of this shitty cold.
by Dan Sharfin January 04, 2006
A second pair of boxers/underwear you keep in the car just in case something goes wrong...
I tried to drop a bomb near Eric's desk today after lunch and I accidentally squeezed a little out. It's a good thing I had my 2B's in my car, or I would have had to cancel dinner tonight with Angie.
by Dan Sharfin November 07, 2006
A car that someone more or less lives in.
I was gonna ask if James could pick me up in his carpartment, but I realized that he was too busy sleeping in it.
by Dan Sharfin December 20, 2005
The worst possible example of something. As in, the most disgusting kind of cup that there is, is a cup that is filled with dip-spit.
Why does everyone like to go there? That place is the Dip Cup of night clubs.
by Dan Sharfin December 06, 2005
Using several forms of media at one time; like when you pause your DVR'd TV show to play your Xbox, and then you pause your XBox to watch a video on your computer on You Tube while you text message someone.
We were watching the baseball game and playing video games between innings, when we paused the ballgame to watch a video of an Anaconda eating a baby hippo on YouTube. We were totally multimedia tasking.
by Dan Sharfin June 22, 2008

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