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when you are so hungry you are Angry (HANGRY). nothing sounds good to eat and you hate life, the people around you, possible you could kill because you are in such a bad mood from low blood sugar.
You get stuck in traffic and you are starving then you are Hangry and nothing sounds good to eat so you hate everyone and everthing, someone usaully my wife shoves food in my mouth and then in a minute or two I become human again.


You seem a little Hangry today go eat something then lets talk.
by Dan Sekowski May 21, 2008
When something is extra fishy.
This fish taco is totally cuntalicious

This is very cuntalicious if you ask me. (very fishy, hard to believe)
by Dan Sekowski May 21, 2008
Fungry is when you are past Hangry and you are Fucken Hungry!

Starving and you are going to kill someone if you dont get food!
I am so past Hangry I am Fungry seriously I need food now!
by Dan Sekowski May 21, 2008
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