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Best band to form from a breakup in a long while. Plus the intense sound will keep your heart racing while Cedric's lyrics rival the mad genuis of Les Claypool's.
"Was he robbed of the asphalt that cushioned his face? A room colored charlatan hid in a safe? Stalk the ground..."
by Dan Schnur January 30, 2004
If Pink Floyd were to evolve into the realm of more modern music.
Don't have a bad song, including their "Conscience" days. New album will blow el cieilio away, just listen to "Spitshine" or "Jamais Vu".
by Dan Schnur January 29, 2004
When something happens really smoothly and without incident.
Dude, that was so slikquid the way you talked with the ladies.
by Dan Schnur January 29, 2004
Your group of girl friends that are usually pretty hot according to you anyways...
Yea, yesterday I was hanging with the joombani.
by Dan Schnur January 30, 2004
Something really pleasing to the eyes. Usually refers to a girl when they are really hot. Sort of like "Helooo Nurse".
Dude, did you see that girl over there? Joomba!
by Dan Schnur January 29, 2004
If you don't know who they are...well you should follow a BLACK DOG up THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN only to be DAZED AND CONFUSED because you will never know THE SECRET OF EVERMORE
*sounds of MOBY DICK still kicking in my head, 20 minutes in, and I still want more*
by Dan Schnur January 30, 2004
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