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Generally a medical procedure perfomed on an aging 35-40 year old male couch slouch, preiviously diagnosed with an overwhelming case of the "scorp tits" (definition available via urban dic.) Examination is recomended to patient in the event of a lump or mass found in either "scorp" during self pleasure. Also recommended on aging body builders whom have found themselves spiraling out of control into "bitch tits".
Tungette told me while he was putting on his masturbation theatre swaray at the lake, he reached up with his free hand to caress his scorp tit. At the point of ejaculating in front of everyone he lost interest as he noticed a softball size mass. Dr. Scotty Smith immediatly recommended a managram.
by Dan Schneider November 04, 2007
Generally a newly engaged female who is somewhere between the ages of 22-28. Commonly, she will have resorted in allowing an aging man to insert anal beads inside he for his twisted pleasure. More common she is likely to have some type of military experience.
Well, buddy I have to get off the phone... heading down to Fort Knox to pick up the hizzore. We are going anal bead shopping.
by Dan Schneider October 30, 2007

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