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Friends With Bennefits. Someone who has many friends with bennefits. Will fool around with multiple people, and not have a relationship with any of them. Strictly "playmates" or "fuck buddies".
Damn dude, that guy has so many frennefits. He is an all out player
by Dan Henry February 22, 2006
Someone who is essentially bi, but closer to being gay than straight.
A gay who is stuck in denial and passes themselves off as being bi when really they just haven't made the full conversion to being gay.
Anslie: Hey, how's my favorite near queers today?
by Dan Henry August 30, 2005
Someone who will pimp for themselves. Verry slutty, usually a male. In order to attain such a title, it would require you to sleep/fuck with both genders. All-around-horny, regardless of age, sex, orientation, race, religion, etc....
Doesnt have to be going out with any of his 'playmates'. See frennefits
Wow, that Dan Henry kid is such a pimpstitute.
Damn dawg, that mo-fo is a pimpstitute, he gets more ass in one week, than i do all month.
by Dan Henry February 22, 2006
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