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To have a quick masturbate/wank/tommy tank etc.
When i got up i had a cup of tea and then a light bejizza.
by Dan Egarr February 15, 2006
Used in the hit fil, "Meet the Fockers", used by Gaylord's dad when he describes him finding his son eanking over the house lady's passport photo.
Tommy: waht have you done today, Jeff?
Jeff: Well, before i went to the shops to buy my daily paper, I had jazigga and blew my load into a mug.
by Dan Egarr February 24, 2006
Pure and simple, weed.
Why don't we get some drink then when we are merry go to Moe and buy sum mekanga and let's get high.
by Dan Egarr February 15, 2006
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