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When someone is so obsessed with butts to the point where it becomes a sexual deviation.
Man, I saw that guy on everyone's ass last night. He's such a buttsexual.
by Dan Devine May 07, 2005
Bite-sized turds. Great as party snacks for the unsuspecting.
I left a bunch of ass peanuts on the floor that I got from my grandma.
by Dan Devine October 17, 2004
When you become so bored that you lose your senses and feel like your mind has been ejected from your skull with a vaccuum hose.
Playing endurance mode on Gran Turismo can induce many a mind abortion.
by Dan Devine March 03, 2005
Angry equivalent to Shut Up and Shut your wordPieholeword. Used mainly in Yahoo! Chat.
Just shut your fuck already! Jesus!
by Dan Devine September 17, 2003
It's the state of... You know, it's induced by...Thinking something is...is...Awesome.
That's a stuponcious shirt you got there.
by Dan Devine December 10, 2003
Frustration; A little version of Yahiko. A word able to send Steve into an angry rage.
"Little fucking Yahiko!" or "Fucking Little Yahiko, if he wins it'd be ridiculous, I don't even know."
by Dan Devine May 23, 2003

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