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6 definitions by Dan Devine

When someone is so obsessed with butts to the point where it becomes a sexual deviation.
Man, I saw that guy on everyone's ass last night. He's such a buttsexual.
by Dan Devine May 07, 2005
30 8
Bite-sized turds. Great as party snacks for the unsuspecting.
I left a bunch of ass peanuts on the floor that I got from my grandma.
by Dan Devine October 17, 2004
30 8
When you become so bored that you lose your senses and feel like your mind has been ejected from your skull with a vaccuum hose.
Playing endurance mode on Gran Turismo can induce many a mind abortion.
by Dan Devine March 03, 2005
14 4
Angry equivalent to Shut Up and Shut your wordPieholeword. Used mainly in Yahoo! Chat.
Just shut your fuck already! Jesus!
by Dan Devine September 17, 2003
6 1
It's the state of... You know, it's induced by...Thinking something
That's a stuponcious shirt you got there.
by Dan Devine December 10, 2003
0 1
Frustration; A little version of Yahiko. A word able to send Steve into an angry rage.
"Little fucking Yahiko!" or "Fucking Little Yahiko, if he wins it'd be ridiculous, I don't even know."
by Dan Devine May 23, 2003
0 2