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3 definitions by Dan Collier

Adj. Used to describe something of equal parts good and bad.
Hey Jon, the hottest cop pulled me over today!
No way that is tit shit.

by Dan Collier April 13, 2008
The act of someone sucking you off immediately after you get out of the Ocean. Your cock is covered in saltwater, sand, and even a piece of seaweed or two and she sucks it clean. An act which shows a chicks true dedication to the cause. A personal favorite of the founders of The Brethren.
Dude, The hottest chick was eyeing me catching the sickest barrels yesterday. So when I got out, I served her up the Wave Rider Special and she loved it!!! This chicks got potential.
by Dan Collier April 23, 2008
A chick is giving you a hand job with gobs of vaseline and right when you are about to cum she shoves her mouth around your cock causing vaseline to fill her mouth and push up her lip giving her a vaseline mustache. It may be dirty but it gets the job done.

Can also be used as a nick name.
"That chick from the bar last night is a Dirty Melissa."
I though all she was gonna do was give me a hand job but then she went a bust out the Dirty Melissa it was fucking awesome!
by Dan Collier April 23, 2008