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The term for gay couples to become engaged or plan on becoming married.
Did you hear the news? Paul and Tom got engayed. I can't wait for their wedding!
by Dan A. Root March 05, 2006
An expression used when you are amazed or impressed by something awesome.
John: Hey Dan, check out that new Ferrari chillin on DUBs!
Dan: OH SUKI!!!!! That ish is tight yo.
by Dan A. Root July 07, 2006
A rock solid, extremely hard, beach ball shaped belly caused by drinking lots of beer and eating hot dogs.
Kevin's dad has a very impressive Jowter.
by Dan A. Root July 11, 2006
The word used to describe backtalking or smart-ass remarks made via internet chat and not face-to-face.
iChat Chat Log

Dan: Make sure the dishes and laundry are done before I get home.

Abbey: No, why should I clean up your mess?

Dan: Don't backtype me Abbey! You're grounded!
by Dan A. Root August 12, 2011
A new term for two gay people getting married.
If the law says they can't get married, then let them get Gayed!
by Dan A. Root March 05, 2006

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