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The most wonderful girl you will ever meet . She's beautiful inside and out . Every guy has had a secret crush on her at some point of their life . Who could blame them after all her amazing personality and gorgeous face that hypnotizes you and makes you fall in love with her in an instant . She's generally tall and athletic . She's a total package. Beautiful eyes and kissable lips . The best part about her is her intelligence . She is so damn smart .The sexiest woman alive . She's a sex monster and can rock your world . If you want to hook up with a babe and have a good time ,go find yourself a milica.
Guy 1: who's that girl you're dating again? The beautiful one ? Guy 2: oh you mean milica?

Guy 1 : You're so fucking lucky , she's so cool .damn man I'm so jealous , I wish I had a girlfriend as beautiful and sexy as yours .
Guy1: I know what can I say ...
by Damnimhot August 29, 2012

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