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Zombro: Friends connected through the mutual love of zombie cult classics such as movies, books and other zed related ware.
Bob and Ned both are obsessed with the undead. What a bunch of zombros.
#friend #zombie #brothers #undead #zombro.
by DamnTurk March 20, 2010
When an individual holds #2 in for so long their rectum feels like its going explode.

Warp: Verb

Core: Noun/Kohr

Breach: Noun/Breech
Fred: "Oh Jesus!".

Bob: "Whats wrong Fred?".

Fred: "Ooooooh, I'm having a Warp Core Breach!".

Bob: "NOT in my car motherfucker, lets get you to the damn shitter!".
#shit #trek #funny #toilet #humor
by DamnTurk February 04, 2010
National Allied Zombie Initiative, or N.A.Z.I. is an organization which adheres to the principles of soulless eating husks of decaying flesh. The organization utilizes neo-modernistic views, employs very generous brain charities and donates to body preservation techniques being developed as of now. N.A.Z.I.'s latest attempt at recognition is the new line of fast food restaurants aptly named "MEATWAY", the slogan? "Eat Flesh". Figures.
N.A.Z.I. is like P.E.D.A. accept they eat animals and people.
#zombie #nazi #funny #charity #joke
by DamnTurk February 04, 2010
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