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The act of thrusting your hips forward and "blasting" a rainbow-colored leopard from your chest. Hump-Catting can only be performed after having drunk a Powerthirst energy drink.

Similar to Bear-Blasting.
THINK FAST DOUCHE-FAG! Powerthirst now comes in DOVE!


by damawesome March 05, 2009
The act of punching straight forward with both hands and a foot all at the same time. First seen by the eyes of man when Andy Samberg performed it in the movie Hot Rod.

The Ultimate Punch, however, fails to be ultimate because it can never compete with the Falcon Punch.


Guy 1: (dies)
by damawesome February 19, 2009
The highest level of failure, period. If you Epic Fail, you can never redeem yourself. You might as well be Falcon Punched just so you can get the rest of your pathetic life over with.
Dude 1: All your base are belong to us.

Dude 2: What?

Dude 1: You don't know "all your base"?

Dude 2: Nope.

by Damawesome February 05, 2009
Capt Falcon's final smash in the popular video game Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Capt Falcon calls forth his car, the Blue Falcon, and if you get hit he does a drive by on your sorry ass.

This is also the only final smash in the game with a separate animation.
(Capt Falcon gets the smash ball)

Falcon: C'mon!

Player: Falcon Drive By Biatch!!
by damawesome February 19, 2009
A term used by lame Halo players when they beat an opponent really badly.

See also: teabag

Although it's origins are disputed, it is thought to have originated when someone mistakenly typed "pwn" instead of "own" when playing an online game.
Lame Halo Player 1: Dude, you just killed me.

Lame Halo Player 2: Hahaha, I totally pwned your a**! (proceeds to teabag Lame Halo Player 1)
by damawesome February 07, 2009
A disorder that causes the sufferer to type and text by replacing letters or whole words with single letters or numbers.

Sufferers of dystextia type and text words that seem to be a cross between english and l33t.
Guy 1: I can't figure out this text from Amber.

Guy 2: Don't try to text her man, she has serious dystextia.
by damawesome March 07, 2009
EA's biggest disappointment since The Sims.

Spore was made out to be a huge, ground breaking game. But sadly, all the fun of the game is in the creature creator which can be downloaded for free.
Ol' Chap #1: Check out this thing I made in Spore.

Ol' Chap #2: Cool. How does it play?

Ol' Chap #1: I dunno, I don't care enough to play with it. But it looks cool.
by damawesome February 17, 2009
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