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When you groom your penis to make it presentable for a blowjob.
James: Are you hoping to get lucky tonight?

Rob: Sure, but gotta make myself blow ready first!
#blow job #head #groom #blow #heady
by Dali103071 May 03, 2013
In photography, when a vagina looks better through a photograph than in real life.

Or a vagina so perfect looking, it should be in the magazines.

Or, when a woman carries herself with so much class and elegance, it can be said that she could have a photogenic vagina.
James: Wow, look at that beautiful women, as she walks across the room with so much class and elegance.

Rob: Yeah, bet you she's got PV (Photogenic Vagina)!
#vagina #photograph #sexy #beautiful #classy #elegance
by Dali103071 May 07, 2013
A combination of Wit and Sarcasm
As a woman hands a condom over to her lover, he sarcastically says, “Honey, do you have a bigger one?”.

She smirks and replies, “Honey, do YOU have a bigger one?”

Man replies, "Nice swit baby!"
#sarcasm #wit #humour #smarts #burn
by Dali103071 May 05, 2013
Being forced to consume alcohol, particularly when the subject is a non-drinker. A combination of the words Forced and Alcohol. Can definitely be used as a verb, noun or adjective. Pronounced - falk.
Norm: Last night I got so falced at the bar. My mates kept falcing me all night, even though they know i dont drink :(

Roger: Your mates are fuckin' falcers!
#alcohol #force #drinking #sobriety #peer pressure
by Dali103071 October 11, 2013
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