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Any place where the teen or preteen boy hides away from parents or family members for the purpose of waxing the dolphin, spanking the monkey, flogging the bishop, wacking off, or masturbating.
Nobody could find little Derek after supper time, he slipped off to his spank fort to wack off to the new girl on the block.
by Daleicious December 20, 2007
A large influx of callers to tech support call centers. This is often brought on by beningn announcements from a company, which, when not comprehended by customers, starts a mass panic resulting in an enoumous amount of calls to a technical support call center.
Announcement: We will release an automatic upgrade tomorrow. When prompted to upgrade, press "Start Upgrade"

Retard Stampeed Question: " I got this message today about an upgrade. WHAT DO I DO?"

Tech support immediate ( i wish i could say this) thought: 'press start upgrade you fucktard! Reading is fundamental!'
by daleicious October 29, 2010
A person that has multiple favorite teams in a specific sport, nfl, nba mlb, or what not. This allows the bish fan the ability to difuse the mental anguish of having one favorite team have a bad year.
Size Queen Justin is a straight up, legs in the air, Favorite Team Whore. His favorite teams are the Redskins, Packers & Steelers.
by daleicious January 23, 2011

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