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when someone is fingering someone elses ass hole and inserts their entire fist and then spreads it out, causing the other person to feel like something exploded inside them like a hand grenade.
That girl made me mad last night so i gave her the helsinki hand grenade.
by Dale P. Johnson March 23, 2008
when you are having anal sex with a woman and you pull out and quickly insert the butt end of your hockey stick into her ass in place of your penis.

(only a real hockey player can pull off this maneuver)
Last night I gave Steph the chocolate gretzky. It was amazing.
by Dale P. Johnson March 23, 2008
to steal or rob somebody of something in their posession
Ray, we just ran your lunch money.
by Dale P. Johnson August 22, 2007
when a man cums into his partner's belly button and then a third party comes and sucks the cum out of the belly button. not to be confused with a regular body shot which is done with alcohol.
Last night Steph, Kacie, and I did a South Buffalo body shot. It was an experience.
by Dale P. Johnson March 23, 2008
when the woman does not want anal sex but the man does. He performs the sneak attack and sticks his penis into her ass when she is not expecting causing her to yell Holy Shit!
Jenna did not want to do anal, but i did. So i gave her the Holy Shit.
by Dale P. Johnson August 24, 2007
to fuck or have sex with
Damn i'd love to papermate that chick!
by Dale P. Johnson August 22, 2007
ass, the best part of a woman
Damn, that chicks got a huge dasani.
by Dale P. Johnson August 22, 2007

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