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Wolverhampton- The most unfriendliest place in the UK,

the 5th worst place to live in the world.

A place where people drag their knuckles on the floor and are a cross between someone with down syndrome and someone who's got falidamide mixed in a blender for 5 minutes with Joseph Meric thrown in for good measure

People who cant even speak properly, they chew their words and spit them out and sound like they have an IQ lower than there are decent pubs in the town centre (which is less than 5
Wolverhampton Speech - Am ya, babs, innit, ore rite

Stupidiy - Heard someone telling an acquaintance they were doing a PHD, they said "is that like a NVQ ???"

Housing - It's all rubbish Heath Town, All Saints, Scotlands by far the worst !! all full of druggies, thieves and prostitutes !!!
by Daive April 08, 2010
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