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Completely cold-blooded and enraged, inflicting serious pain and death. Popularized by Vnig Rhames' character, Marsellus Wallace, in "Pulp Fiction."
"You hear me talking, hill-billy boy? I ain't through with you by a damn sight. I'ma get medieval on yer ass."
by Dain December 09, 2004
Caladbolg derives its name from an ancient Welsh sword wielded by Macsen Wledig. And it is known that Caladbolg was another name for the famed sword Excalibur used by King Arthur.

The meaning of the name Caladbolg is "Hard-Lightning" or "Lightning-Shard" calad-hard, bolg-lightning. The sword is said to have been able to cut an entire hill in half with one fell swoop. It was an Irish sword that was believed to be similar to King Arthur's Excalabar
i used my caladbolg to cut my yard in half
by Dain December 08, 2003
Part of one of the dumbest lines, from one of the dumbest movies, the matrix. Use it if you are trying to mock the fake, Hollywood "kung fu" that Keanu Reeves appears to learn. Alternate use: to mock Keanu Reeves in general.
"I know kung fu." - Neo in the Matrix
by Dain December 09, 2004

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