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Any portions of the labia minora which extend outward beyond the vaginal opening.

Labia minora serving to cock block or frustrate vaginal intercourse.
It's hard to get my dick in her because her damn gate guardians are always in the way.

We tried to fuck last night but the gate guardians decreed: "none shall pass."
by DaffyD February 20, 2012
A 7.62 ammunition box filled with oil and petrol. It has a fuse attached to a nonelectric blasting cap to set off a white phosphorus grenade.
It is usually fitted with a grapnel to help latch on to vehicles. Once ignited, the white phosphorus from the grenade will react with the oil and petrol mixture to make the ammo fragment, sending out lethal shrapnel.
"Everyone take cover!"
"That eagle cocktails gonna blow!"
by daffyd August 14, 2005

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