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The things that pay for your water, police force, fire department, roads, sidewalks, your electricity lines, your phone lines, the techies that developed the internet, the techies that developed modern computer technology, nuclear power plants, the techies that invented the nuclear power plants, the military, the people who clean up your water so you won't die from drinking it, the development of the various vaccines that you take so you don't die, and a bunch of other things you would never be able to afford yourself, or would be able to expect other people to buy for you.
Random dude: Dude, Ron Paul will totally remove taxation, like, dude!
Me: But if he did that, I would be able to hunt you down and kidnap you without any police interference because you're really a penniless hipster who only has protection because other people's taxes paid for it. How do you like those taxes now?
#taxes #capitalism #socialism #government #communism #commies
by Daedalus_Prime January 22, 2008
A proprietary programming language developed by Microsoft to allow lazy people to code programs that only run a little bit more slowly than raytracing a detailed environment on a hand-operated processor.
C++ Programmer: Hey man! What are you programming?
Visual Basic Programmmer: I'm writing something to find all the music tracks on my computer and write their file paths into an m3u playlist.
C++ Programmer: Wow! How long have you been working on that?? It sounds really intense!
Visual Basic Programmer: 10 minutes.. and I'll be done in another 5.
Perl Programmer: *walks in* Hey guys, look at this! I wrote a script to find all the music tracks on my computer and write them to an m3u playlist in a little bit less than 90 seconds!
#basic #microsoft #micro$oft #lazy #lame
by Daedalus_Prime February 06, 2008
Quite possibly the worst economic system ever developed. Essentially results in a cutthroat economy in which the poor become poorer and the rich become richer. Has likely resulted in vastly more that the 100 million deaths which communism is inaccurately attributed to having caused.
Capitalist: I've inherited all of this money, so I'll go and start a business where I rely on the labors of the minimum-wage proletariat, while I simply sit in my office all day, contributing nothing, all while being paid $5,000,000 a year! ¡Viva capitalism!
#epic fail #phail #communism #socialism #capitalist #fail #evil #theft
by Daedalus_Prime December 22, 2007
One of those odd terms that, when used by a member of the faction referred to, may well be complementary, but when used by the uninitiated, is an insult. In this case, a term used to refer to communists.
Filthy commie propaganda!

Yeah, I'm a commie.
#communism #socialism #wingnut #proletariat #proles #marxism #che guevara #che #viva socialismo #comie #communist
by Daedalus_Prime December 22, 2007
A horrendously poor energy drink that leaves you feeling like someone sucked your life force out. It has been known to cause people to almost fall asleep on climbing walls.
My good friend was pwnd, in relation to his energy level, by BooKoo. Don't support the creation of another duplicitous corporation.
#energy drink #lame #poor #atrocious #enervation #horrendous #horrifically poor #!energy
by Daedalus_Prime January 08, 2008
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