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When having sexy with a large breasted girl the rhythmatic thrust causes her breast to slap together repeatedly. This can be affected by the size of the breast and power of the thrust. Best results achieved when ther girl is 34DD cup size or bigger and in the missionary or cowgirl position.
Samantha - So what's position does your boyfriend like best?

Jane - Well, I prefer doggy, but he's a breast guy so he likes when I get on top and pogo stick his dick. He says it makes for a nice Titty Clap.
by Daddy_Eros August 29, 2010
Vulgar term to describe a female cum catcher (though can be applied to males as well) that loves and even takes pride in her ability to deepthroat, gag, give head and otherwise have her throat fucked. Usually accompanied with dirty talk and messy, sloppy oral sex.
I live it when you throat fuck me daddy! Can't wait to feel your man cream spray while you slam you cock in and out my throat cunt!
by Daddy_Eros August 29, 2010
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