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When a guy is butt fucking his girl while she is laying on her back. At this time he inserts his hand into the woman's vagina and wraps the thin membrane between the anal and vaginal canals around his cock. This enables him to jack himself off while fisting his mate at the same time.
Oscar loves giving Christina the Velvet Monkey Fist since he loves anal and she loves fisting.
by Dadda February 14, 2008
A person that is blessed with all knowlegde of everything in this world....
Tami asked her boss Dave G. for help. Dave did not have the answer and said "call Mark, he is The AKG....he knows everything"!
by Dadda July 17, 2008
When a person of middle eastern descent farts under the covers in bed then pulls the covers over their partners face to breath in and enjoy the aroma.
Sima secretly let out a Middle Eastern Steamer in bed unbeknownst to her husband then fluffed up the cover over his head to gag him with her aroma....
by Dadda February 14, 2008

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