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the art of redesigning an existing structure for purposes other than those for which it was originally intended. Upcycled Architecture additionally advances an existing building’s sustainable, dynamic, and programmatic uses.
The Tate Modern in London is an example of upcycled architecture. The building has transformed a previously underdeveloped area of London and has helped give the city a new image as a leading center of contemporary culture. It has become a key landmark for London, while its program and architecture have won international acclaim.
by dabbles July 08, 2013
1. The most Worthy of Nillers, dibbling Littles under Bigs with a predilection for Pesto, Big 10s, dissonant chords, riffs in general, beats, and yawning with reckless abandon.

2. One who recognizes the superiority of Spades over all other forms of quadrilateral cardboard cut-out entertainments and activities.

3. He that is afflicted with a proclivity to nilling in situations deemed by logic and reason to be inappropriate for the application of said strategy
Dibblesworth worthily dibbles the King of Spades 'neath the Ace, having, in the book prior, slipperily slipped the Little under the Big, all the while smiling like a crocadillio.
by Dabbles April 26, 2007

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