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When a guy, lying on his back, gets suprised - on purpose or accidentally - by another guy who puts his naked ass right on his face, optionally tea bagging him.
At the gangbang party last weekend I was lying on my back giving Tracy some oral pleasure while she was sitting on my face, when Larry decided to take her anally. She was so suprised feeling his cock knocking at her arse that she leaped away, causing Larry to land on my face, his hairy balls landing right into my mouth. Getting a sack of war of my best friend really ruined my weekend.
by daan March 17, 2012
Too Long To Read, used in forums when someone posts a story which is long and you don't want to read it because it's too long.
I'm not reading that, that's 2L2R!
by Daan October 20, 2006
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