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Baldivis is a former semi-rural residential suburb 46 kilometres south of the central business district of Perth, the capital of Western Australia, and 11 kilometres southeast of the regional centre of Rockingham. It is located with the City of Rockingham local government area.

today in the residential areas of Baldivis you will find mainly people who used to live in Rockingham and are high school dropouts who went to work at the mines and are no longer bogans............they are bogans with money buying the latest holden commodore in the worst colour imaginable (usually with boss "chromies")

one of the most well known schools in Baldivis is Tranby Collage due to the fact that the teachers are so uneducated that they are dumber than the shit i took yesterday, they try to hide behind the fact that because they are a Catholic school because because the amount of students they had in the first place was so insignificant that they just raised their tuition fees and called their self a private school
example of a Baldivis school Tranby

Person1 "Oi bro im going for a piss"
person2 "ill Tag along cuz"
person1 and 2 walk into toilet person2 stands on a shit that was made on the floor

person2 "fuck thats grosse"

Person1 "not for tranby"
by Da_Shock November 06, 2011

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