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When you purchase a product from BestBuy with their technology experts and their extended warranty and try to get them to replace the product because there is an issue with it. They then proceed to tell you that they cant do that or that the product is broke because of you. You proceed to go up the chain to find out some punk 17 year old kid is the manager and that he doesn't even know what the extended warranty says.
Eric: Hey, Tom I heard your stereo amp blew in your truck, did Best Buy fix it for you?
Tom: NO! The manager told me I bought the wrong amp for my system...
Eric: Didn't THEY tell you what to buy to go with your stuff?
Tom: Yea...
Eric: Dude you just were a victim of the "Bestbuy Brush-Off"
by DaRth79 November 10, 2009
When your girlfriend/wife straddles your leg and her vagina suctions on like a wet toilet plunger in a toilet.
Last night Theresa gave Mike a dirty suction cup, Mike said he had to scrub his leg for an hour to get the smell off.
by DaRth79 January 11, 2014
When you have the shits soo bad that it leaks through your anus to your pants creating a rectal ring.
Damn, Theresa said she won't make in down here for vacation.

She has the anal butt sweats and unsure of how long they will be lasting.

Good thing.....I have white furniture.
by DaRth79 January 11, 2015

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